About Mangrove

Mangrove Engineering Nigeria Limited (MENL) was established in 1972 with focus on Civil Engineering services. Over 44 years now, the company has grown and expanded its services to full time E.P.M (ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT AND MAINTENANCE). With our vast experience and cognate understanding of various industries, we are positioned to providing quality and reliable services to our clients. In MENL we employ motivation, excellent industrial harmony, community relationship and client’s satisfaction as the hallmark of our business ideal.

Our organization is comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals, clearly defined work strategies, financial and technological resources, and a solid integrated management system within MENL’S operational, financial and budgetary control systems, allowing for real-time control of project logistics and financial activities. MENL today is a consolidated and flexible organization with real possibilities to execute projects of considerable relevance and magnitude, and capable of delivering optimal results.

MENL is primarily a solution driven company, focused on providing technically robust and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of its clients. In order to meet clients’ requirements, MENL holds an extensive inventory of rental equipment and also offer new design & builds equipment for sale.

Our Products & Services

…we develop a customized approach to meet your needs