HSE Policy


It is the policy of Mangrove Engineering Nigeria Limited (hereinafter referred to as MENL) to ensure the highest standards of safety, health and environmental matters, which are reasonably practicable to attain, are achieved in all our activities. MENL requires the same high standards from all contractors and sub-contractors working on our sites.

All levels of management and supervision are expected to actively initiate and pursue ways and means of making the working environment as safe and healthy as possible. It is the responsibility of ALL employees to comply with their legal, moral and company safety obligations.

It is the policy of the company that all persons working on or visiting any site must wear safety helmets, footwear and other appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing with certain limited exceptions defined in the Site Rules.


It is the intention of MENL to encourage the purchase of equipment, goods, materials, suppliers and manpower from Nigerian and to make use of services and facilities professional or otherwise which are rendered by Nigerians or companies incorporated in Nigeria, except when after proper research such services/facilities are not available in Nigeria.

MENL has established an independent Nigerian Local Content Department to both collate and decipher information on the state of affairs of local content in the Nigeria and to monitor, audit and ensure compliance with planned Local Content Objectives. This we must always abide by.

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