Industrial Cleaning Services

MENL specializes in industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions. Our professionals have the training and experience to tackle even the most challenging projects. Specialized equipment and proper training and techniques give our personnel the expertise to manage and conquer tough maintenance jobs.

Our maintenance services includes:
MENL specializes in industrial cleaning using high pressure water jetting. We have the experience required to review the particular condition of the task and employ the appropriate cleaning technique for every unique application.

• Heat exchanger cleaning
• Vessels/ Tank Cleaning
• Boiler cleaning
• Descaling/Flushing of pipes
• Fin fan cleaning
• Factory and ware house cleaning
• Sewer cleaning
• Rig Floors and Offshore facilities Cleaning
• Cleaning of blowers
• General Plant Cleaning
• Industrial Vacuum Services
• Concrete floor cleaning
• Removal rubber deposits at airport run way
• In-line pipe cleaning

MENL uses the following systems for a complete industrial cleaning:
• Rotary in-pigment tank cleaning system
• Flexible And Rigid Multiple Lance Feeders For Tube Cleaning
• Blabo system for tank cleaning
• Chemical cleaning system
• Dry ice system