Our Company


MENL’s mission is to provide first class, cost effective professional Engineering, Procurement and Maintenance services with the highest level of excellence, quality and integrity. We are dedicated to responding promptly to our clients. We strive to provide cost effective solution to your needs and continuously improve practices, services and performance to serve our clients better and provide a work environment conducive to achieving personal and professional goals by encouraging our staff to achieve high professional standards.


MENL as a company is fully dedicated to offer safe, quality products and services at realistic prices, we are well known for our fast and reliable services which is backed by professionals who cares. We are committed to dealing honestly and truthfully with those we work with and believe our clients deserve more than a simple business agreement. Our philosophy is that our relationship with our clients is a partnership -we don’t just work for you, we work with you (Offering to you logistics support and engineering talent to assure the best end result possible on time, within budgets).


Every MENL staff must be very prolific, proficient and must deliver on tasks with speed having the economic implication of the dealing in view. We are predictable and reliable in our performance. We strive for excellence in everything we do in order to achieve superior business results.


In all that we do, we ensure complete and total accountability and we are committed to sustain it at all times.

Our Products & Services

…we develop a customized approach to meet your needs