Project Management


MENL has a project management team which enable us to service a wide range of pipeline flow assurance issues and requirements for our clients. Our project management team is able to take control and responsibility for a pipeline network at any stage of its life and offer project management capability throughout the duration of its life which may be many years.

We also manage construction jobs such as: Design, planning, execution and post-construction phases for the purpose of achieving project objectives, including the management of quality, cost, and time. We understand that professional project management is a strategic element to the success of a project. There is no substitute for a competent project manager equipped with the relevant tools and resources to meet established schedules, budgets, and project objectives.

Typically, projects that we manage include:
  • Surveying pipeline conditions such as ovality, ingressions, features, welds and corrosion
  • Designing and deploying pig trains for a change in pipeline fluids, oil and gas
  • Engineering of cleaning pigs required to traverse complex pipeline features such as short radius bends. Y’s / T’s, valves and multi-diameter pipelines
  • Leak testing of critical connections both subsea and topside
  • Progressive cleaning of pipelines including heavily waxed and scaled lines
  • Hydro testing of pipelines
  • Drying of pipelines
  • Pigging tool development projects